How to Get Rid of Fleas

Using chemicals to get rid of fleas surrounding the pets at home can prove to be a problem not only for the fleas but also for the kids who play with the pets frequently. So, people nowadays look for natural remedies to get rid of fleas. Flea collars are available in pet stores. Pet owners get confused with the innumerous variety of flea collars and the ingredients contained in them.
They hate the chemical belt surrounding the neck of their beloved ones. The half-white plastic collar does not allow the children to mingle with the pets. Even the poplar brands poison the pets and create health problems amongst the humans. As such, even today, how to get rid of fleas remains a moot question.

Easiest Home Remedies on how to get rid of fleas
Pet owners, who are not interested in using chemicals, are usually in search of natural or homeopathy treatment. People find it safe to use ingredients, which are available at home. There is a list of remedies, which can remove the tension around how to get rid of fleas.

1. Oil Bath: Pet owners can try olive oil bath for the adult dogs. The fleas can drown in the olive oil. Start giving massage from the head to the back so that the fleas will not move to the face of the dog and disturb them. Apply oil free shampoo to take away the stickiness from the body of the pet and the fleas wash away with water when your bog is bathed completely. Make sure that you choose the proper shampoo for your pet.

2. Take the Help of Garlic Supplements: Garlic can do wonders for dog fleas. Pet owners can use garlic supplements or fresh garlic in the food of the pet to get excellent results. The odor of garlic forces the fleas to move out of the body.

3. Use of Common Salt: Take common salt and sprinkle it abundantly for a week at all places where your pet sits. Fleas do not like salt. The salt is coated on the skin of the pet and the fleas easily move out.

4. Talcum Powder for treating Fleas: Using talcum powder to treat dog fleas had been a conventional practice since a long time. A very simple method is to use baby powder to get rid of fleas. Instead of using chemicals to protect the puppies and kittens, cover them with baby powder. This makes the skin of the pet very smooth and does not give room to fleas.

5. Use Baking Soda: Use baking soda from the head of the pet to the back, so that the fleas can move out from the backside
and eventually out of the vicinity of your pet.

The above methods on how to get rid of fleas are very simple and viable. In order to remain in sound health and to continue to have a smooth and shining skin use talcum powder everyday and give oil bath along with shampooing once in a week for your pets.

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