Constipation is the absolute worst. For me, I felt fat, bloated, toxic, depressed, gassy and I was in so much pain. I knew it was painful and I knew it wasn’t good. I didn’t realize how dangerous it was to my health. Constipation is harmful to your healthy because without the elimination of your bowels, you are releasing toxins into your vital organs and lymphatic system. If you don’t get rid of constipation, your health and well-being will suffer.
Of course, you can get rid of constipation with a laxative, but that is really only a temporary and honestly, painful way to do it. Most laxatives, even the ones that claim to be all natural, are really hard on the colon. They cause cramping and sometimes even accidents with their immediate removal.

I actually didn’t care what pain I had to go through as long as I could get rid of constipation fast. That’s how uncomfortable it can be. I remember sitting on the toilet crying one day because after pushing and pushing – nothing came out! I was so frustrated, I wanted to scream. I ended up using a suppository (not fun!) and finally about 20 minutes later I produced a bowel movement. But, it was so painful. The cramping was extreme and it lasted the whole day. I didn’t know what was worse. Of course, I was happy when it was all out. The problem was days later, I was constipated again! Seriously, I actually went into a depression about this.
Finally, I did a bunch of research on how to get rid of constipation, not just once, but forever. And I found out that while laxatives will work in the short term, they do the opposite in the long term. I had a friend who used them so frequently because of her constipation that they eventually didn’t even work anymore because her body became dependent on them to go to the bathroom. She got so backed up, the poor girl had to go to the hospital multiple times for enemas and all sorts of procedures. This totally scared me. I realized that if I didn’t do a proper natural healthy cleansing of my colon and keep it clean and do the right things – I was soon to be in her position. Um – no thanks.
She and I both started with a colon cleanse that was safe and not painful and that would promote continuous healthy bowel movements regularly – I’m talking 2 times a day. I go at least 2 times a day now and it’s the best feeling ever. I never feel bloated or sick because my body is free of toxins and apparently parasites too. Yeah – apparently the build up of stool in your body causes parasites. I was so grossed out.
I take this stuff now and the cool side effect of it was that I lost weight on it too. But, I imagine that that had a lot to do with the build up of .. well, you know.
Anyway, from my personal research and experience, I wouldn’t suggest taking laxatives whether they say they are natural or not. I really suggest some sort of a colon cleansing program. The one I take works really well, so I feel really good about telling everyone about it who needs to get rid of constipation. It sounds silly, but I am so much happier now that I can have healthy bowel movements because I feel healthy all over and just lighter. If you experience constipation you know how miserable it can make you, so this will make sense.
Anyway, good luck. I really think it’s one of the best steps you can take for overall healthy because it is said that the health of your colon is the one of the most important functions of your body.
My girlfriend just shared with me that you can get rid of constipation by eating an apple.
That simple? Really? Well, I knew that you needed to have a good healthy diet, in order to have healthy bowel movements. Like, drink lots of water and eat foods high in fiber.
She told me that she struggled with constipation most of her life and then finally learned a little secret.
It helped her and maybe it can help you too if you are trying to get rid of constipation.
So, first thing in the morning you drink a glass of water then eat 1 apple and then drink another glass of water. Then – and this is important – do not eat anything for 30 minutes. So, go workout, shower, take a walk, watch a show, whatever it is that you do in the morning and supposedly you will move your bowels after that 30 minutes.
This works because your stomach is empty and it is the only way it will work. If you do this every day you can expect to have healthy consistent bowel movements.
So, we told our other friend about this who has tried everything and her response was, “I hate apples!”
Ok, so if you hate apples and the idea of having to drink that much water and wait that long to eat something is too much trouble then you can also do what I did. I took something natural that I could just swallow and be done because it first totally cleaned out my colon in the best way. I felt so light afterwards and it’s what made me get rid of constipation and it has not come back in months and months. I have 2 bowel movements a day and sometimes 3. I tried the apple thing too and it did work, but then again this stuff already made me go every morning so I’m not sure where to give credit to. I would say do both. Why not?
Best side effect of this remedy, is that I lost weight and I am assuming it is because I was holding on to so much bloat and toxins and I am now able to digest and eliminate the proper way.
It’s the only thing that has helped me because it is not like a laxative and your body does not become dependent on it. Instead, it lets your body work the most efficient way.

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